Bored of your usual instant ramen? You can upgrade it and make it a legit meal! You can even use some

leftovers in your kitchen. It's easy and you can make it anytime at home. No need to go to Asian

restaurants. Trust me it will look fancy but totally inexpensive. You and your family will enjoy!

There are a lot of ways to upgrade or make the instant ramen you bought in a grocery store extra

special. Here are 2 recipes you can follow at home.


1.) Vegetable Ramen with egg

I love my ramen full of vegetables. Now is the chance for you to eat the

vegetables you can't eat. The taste and the aroma of ramen will surely cover the taste that you don't like

in a certain vegetable. It will be fun! Plus, you can use leftover food as protein or any food available in

your fridge. Especially the sauces and spices you kept in so long!



*Instant Ramen of your Choice



*Vegetables (Whatever is available even the frozen ones) Example: Mushroom, cabbage, and carrots.

*Hard-Boiled egg/Poached egg

* Any sauces of your choice depending on your taste like chili garlic sauce, oyster sauce, sriracha, fish

sauce, soy sauce, or any other sauces into your broth for more flavor. But remember, each sauce

comes with salt, you don't want your broth too salty.



* Cook the instant ramen how you would cook it in the directions.

* Add a little more water. (To balance the taste of the extra sauces you're gonna add and the other

ingredients you will put. To avoid the broth to be too salty)

* Then wait until the ramen noodle it is HALF-cooked then set aside.

* On the other pan, add minced garlic and grated ginger. Sauté both in a little oil for a minute.

* Add the sauces of your choice.

* Put the half-cooked ramen you set aside into the pan and stir gently.

* Add the vegetables you have chosen. Then stir and boil for just about a minute.

* Pour in your favorite Ramen bowl and add your poached egg or hard-boiled egg on top.


The next recipe is the easiest and the tastiest!


2.) Peanut butter Ramen with pork



*A scoop of peanut butter

*Sesame seed

*Sesame oil

*Porkchop or if you have leftover cooked pork

*Egg (Optional)

*Your chosen Instant Ramen




* Fry your pork and set aside. (Or cut your leftover pork thinly)

* Cook your favorite Ramen following its direction at the back of the packaging.

* While it's boiling, add one scoop of peanut butter.

* Sprinkle sesame seed and add a little bit of sesame oil.

* Transfer in your favorite Ramen bowl.

*Cut the pork chop thinly and put it on top of your ramen.

* Add an egg on top.



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