Different Citrus Fruits You May Not Know

Different Citrus Fruits You May Not Know

When we think of citrus fruits, the first thing that comes to our mind is the most common of all, the oranges and lemons. They are probably the best-known citrus fruits. It was originated from the tropical regions of Asia that are now spread all around the globe. Do you know that there are different kinds of citrus fruits and some come in different colors and shapes?


Citrus fruits are widely consumed all over the world and are popular in different drinks with a sweet and tangy taste. Some even use it as an ingredient for some dishes and thanks to modern technology, it can even be added to some medicines or vitamins we take daily or as tea. This true gift of nature is loaded with vitamins and other vital nutrients that is best for our health. It has a refreshing smell that it can even be used as a natural air freshener at home that healthily neutralizes strange smells. It has a very low calorie but can satisfy your appetite. Best for people who want to lose weight.


But hey, that's not all. Citrus fruits are a good source of fiber that can help to lower bad cholesterol levels. It is packed with minerals good for our bone health, they are popularly known to be rich in vitamin C to strengthen the immune system. It can give you a natural glow and is good for your skin because it is stuffed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. It can even help in treating infections like common cold and flu. If you are curious of other citrus fruits aside from lemon and orange, here is the list I made.



1.) Tangerine

They are much sweeter than oranges that even their peels can be eaten coated with chocolate.


2.) Blood Orange

From the word itself, this citrus fruit has a dark red flesh. And it has a raspberry taste to it.


3.) Grapefruit

It looks pretty much like oranges but the taste is sour to semi-sweet. The flesh can be red, white or pinkish.


4.) Meyer Lemon

A combination of lemon and mandarin orange.


5.) Pomelo

Its size is bigger than normal oranges and flesh can be pink or white.


6.) Finger lime

It looks like an elongated lime with juicy pulps inside. Best in making pickles.


7.) Buddha's hand

This fruit has a very unique shape like divided fingers. But only its zest is used because it is not juicy like the other citrus fruits.


8.) Ugli Fruit

The appearance of this fruit is like an ugly orange but the taste is the opposite. It is sweet and delicious.


9.) Kumquat

These are small versions of oranges and usually, grow in cold areas.


10.) Lemon

One of the most popular citrus fruit. It has a unique sour taste and high in citric acid that can be used as a natural cleaning agent.


11.) Orange

The best-known citrus fruit. From the word itself, the peel is orange in color. It is juicy and sweet. Usually made as a refreshing drink.


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