Coconut water is the juice or the clear liquid inside coconuts. A naturally refreshing drink without the guilt. A healthy and safe drink perfect for everybody. With a sweet and nutty taste. It is low in calories, loaded with electrolytes, low sodium, loaded with electrolytes, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals. It has been a popular drink for athletes. It was considered as a drink for rehydration after any physical activity or even illness such as diarrhea. 


Drinking coconut water is good for us. It is the most natural way to hydrate. It has been consumed for centuries around the globe. The best alternative for sugary drinks that can sometimes cause problems with our health. It can do good things for our body since it contains the nutrients we need to help avoid diseases. Continue reading to know more about the good health benefits of Coconut water.



1.) It has Antioxidants Properties that Can Help Detox or Clean our Body 

It is loaded with antioxidants that help neutralize oxidative stress and free radicals. The electrolyte profile of the coconut water is similar to human's blood. It can replace fluids and help remove toxins from the body. It can even flush out toxins from our kidney. Our liver and kidneys are the detoxifying organs of our body. With adequate hydration, it will work properly. Our body has a natural way of cleansing when it is hydrated properly and provided with the right nutrients. It may even help get rid of kidney stones. 


2.) It is Loaded with Calcium and magnesium

Coconut water has more calcium and magnesium than other sports drinks. As we all know, Calcium is best for us to have strong bones, teeth, and may help with stress and muscle tension. It is responsible for energy production and our muscles to work properly. Adequate calcium intake may help keep our muscles relaxed that also includes muscles in our heart that can help reduce heart attack. Magnesium helps distribute the calcium and potassium to our bones and muscles. Our body needs this to avoid cramps and spasms. 


3.) It Contains Cytokinins

Cytokinins are hormones that promote cell division. It helps plants grow and are responsible for cell growth. Amazingly, it can be found in coconut water makes it a natural drink that has antiaging and cancer-fighting properties.



4.) It Supports Heart Health 

A study found that drinking coconut water can Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides levels. A decreased chance of having a heart attack. It can also help lower blood pressure. 


5.) Best Source of Hydration

Fresh coconut water is the best Electrolyte Replacement. It is considered as an athlete's drink. It is high in potassium. Even before, it has even been used for IV hydration in some emergency situations. 


When you are having a stressful day, drink some coconut water to help you stay calm. Although water is always best, coconut water may potentially be better at keeping you hydrated. For more Food Health Benefits and Food tips, click this link. CLICK HERE