How to cut an onion the right way


Slicing onions always make us cry. Do you know why? Slicing onions release enzymes or chemical irritant that when mixed with air, it reacts and forms into sulfuric acid that is very sensitive to the eyes and has an immediate tearing effect. So this time you know the technique, slice the onion as fast as you can or minimize the time handling it. Here are some tips on how to slice an onion the proper way. When you know what to do, the lesser the time you work with it.


We will need:

1.) Onion

2.) Cutting board

3.) Knife


Proper way of cutting an onion



1.) Using a sharp knife, slice off and trim the top and bottom half-inch of the onion leaving the root still intact. Then slice the onion half lengthwise.


2.) It’s easier to take the skin off of cut halves then the whole onion. So cut the onion lengthwise first with the root end facing up then peel and discard the skin.


3.) Make cuts vertically through the onion by laying one half cut side down with the non-root end facing you to make half-moon shapes.


4.) Now is the time to make your cut. Make thin slices, make three cuts horizontally with your knife parallel to the onion. Chop onion with cuts running perpendicular to your first vertical cuts. And now you have perfect square pieces of onion!


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