Kitchen Quick Tips -




Do you know that cockroaches spread over 30 bacteria and some parasitic worms? Plus their decomposing bodies trigger allergies and asthma? Also, fruit flies are not born from rotten fruits instead, they are able to detect yeast produced by fermenting fruits. Mice and rats can spread Salmonella bacteria and viruses that can carry other disease-causing pests such as ticks and lice. These pests can even chew through boxes and contaminate your food. Your kitchen is the last place you want these pests to find a home. 


Here are some tips on how to keep your kitchen pest free.


1.) Check often fresh fruits on the counter for signs of decay or over-ripening. If there are,  dispose of those fruits in outdoor trashcans. Because female flies lay their eggs on fermenting fruit.


2.) Don't let dirty dishes pile up in the sink for a long period of time. If you don't have time rinse it at least. The less residue is the better.

Dirty Dishes Kitchen Cleaning Tips

3.) Dispose of your garbage regularly. Allowing trash to sit in the kitchen invites pests.

Dispose of your garbage regularly

4.) If you have pets, don't leave their pet bowls with food and water for a long period of time.


5.) Wipe any crumbs and spills you see IMMEDIATELY.

Wipe any crumbs and spills kitchen cleaning tips

6.) Seal any cracks you see in any corner of your home. These could be entryways for insects. Also, mice and rats can squeeze through a hole small as a ballpen.


7.) Clean the kitchen regularly! Our kitchen needs to be cleaned always because even the tiniest leftover food attracts pests. Sweep the floor and sanitize everything.

Clean the kitchen regularly kitchen tips

8.) Don't forget the cabinets, drawers and all containers. Keep it clean at all times! Sometimes we might not notice dead bugs or feces.


9.)If possible, buy food in cans and jars. Insects and rodents can easily chew paper, plastic and boxes/cardboard.

food in cans and jars kitchen cleaning tips

10.) Check the pipe under your sink. Is the hole in the floor wider than the pipes? If yes, they could be an entryway. Seal them immediately.

Kitchen work should never be hard and time-consuming. Do you need more tips about it? Just click this link. Plus!!! Food tips and recipes. CLICK HERE