Our dining table is considered as a major investment in our home. Whether it is wooden, plastic or ceramic, vintage or antique, we should know how to keep the surface free from scratches and stains. Not just your dining tables, but consider your side tables, office tables, or your stylish coffee tables. Protection is important to maintain its beauty and ensure your investment lasts for years.


Here's a list of things you need to know to keep your tables looking good.


1.) You need to check and choose an area in your home that will not damage the table.

The environment where you want your table can impact its appearance and condition over time. Consider the material of your table if it is made of wood, plastic or ceramic. Wooden tables are vulnerable to extreme surroundings. Pick an area with the best temperature since exposure to fluctuating temperatures can cause cracking and shrinking to your wooden table.


2.) Dust and wipe your tables weekly to avoid scratches and stains.

Do you know that when dust accumulates, it can cause scratches to your tabletop? Dust and wipe your table gently in a circular motion 1-2 times a week. Avoid harsh wiping for it can cause damage to your table.


3.) Do not put hot things directly to the table.

Do not put anything right off the stove or oven into the table. Make sure to use a heat protector mat.


4.)  Use placemats, table cloth, and coasters. Don't forget about condensation.

When eating, it is best to use placemats. Your stunning flower vases and bottles of chilled wine can transfer water and humidity onto your table, leaving rings if moisture and gets trapped under them. Always use coasters for your drinks to avoid table scratches, unwanted spills, and stains since it doesn't only protect but puts your drinks in place. Here is an example of a good coaster. (Check the link)

You can also check these beautiful marble coasters. (LINK OF MARBLE COASTERS)

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5.) Quickly clean up any food or drink spills.

If you wait too long to clean the mess in your tables, the spills will set and can cause more damage. You can always use antibacterial sprays and other sprays you have available to help make your table look good.


Taking care of our table is easy! You just need to remember this list to maintain the good condition of your table. For more kitchen tips check this link. For more health and kitchen tips, check this link. CLICK HERE.