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Are you new to the ramen game? Well now, you might love it even more.  Do you know that there are lots of ways on how you can add your egg to your noodles? Eggs not only adds protein to your ramen but gives more flavor to it. Some people depend on how their eggs are cooked on the soup, flavor and some on the texture of noodles. You can always experiment and follow your own style and taste. Some like their eggs hard-boiled, poached, scrambled and others want sunny side up. Mostly, people want for soft boiled eggs with custard-like egg yolk. Mouth-watering right? Here is an easy and quick tip on how to poach your egg.


Poached eggs are usually intimidating. But if you master the quick steps on how to perfectly cook it, you can achieve the same results as what you see on those fancy restaurants or hotels. You want to achieve a ball of tender egg white covering a soft yolk that gently spills when cut or broken. To make this, you need to crack open your fresh egg into a bowl and put a pan of water filled at least 5cm deep to a simmer. Always remember not to sprinkle salt for this may break the egg. Next is you need to wrap the egg white around the yolk. To this, you need to stir the water to create a gentle whirlpool. Add a drop of vinegar. Then tip the egg into the center and allow it to cook for 3 minutes. Then lift the egg slowly and add it on your Ramen.



Slurping on your favorite ramen will be extra special if you prepare it in a Japanese bowl that will make you feel like you are eating in a fancy Asian restaurant. And bowl that is just perfect size for serving. And of course, it's a total plus if it is extra durable and made from food grade melamine which is much harder to break and is guaranteed to last you a long time.

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