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Moringa or a popular tree in Asia called "Malunggay" is known as a low-cost health enhancer in poor countries around the globe. Scientifically called "Moringa Oelifera". It has small oval green leaves that are usually the main ingredient in some soups and other Asian dishes with chicken or fish. Malunggay has been found by biochemists and molecular anthropologists. They proved that these leaves are stuffed with vitamins, minerals, and high-density lipoprotein. It is more than food. They proved that it can help with a variety of health conditions. It is most common in the Philippines which is said to be seen anywhere and most Filipino families grow one in their backyard.


Surprisingly, this miracle vegetable has been studied and in this modern time, Malunggay is not just an ingredient of many dishes. You can enjoy it as tea, add it to your smoothie, you can also find Malunggay capsules nowadays and can drink it as your daily vitamins, added to many different kinds of oils, can be made as to the main ingredient of some pastries, a juice drink, and many more. You can even make your signature recipe using Malunggay.


If you wonder why people are so into this superfood, here is what you are waiting for. It has 4 times Calcium than milk and is said to be best for lactating women. Eating food with Malunggay while pregnant or breastfeeding helps in woman’s milk production. It has traditionally been given to moms who have a low milk supply. There are even reports that some women have been increasing their breast milk production after taking Malunggay. And some even oversupply of milk. It has 7 times Vitamin C of oranges, 3 times Potassium of bananas, 2 times protein of yogurt, 4 times Vitamin A of carrots, and it has more iron than spinach! Amazing right? But that’s not all. Here is the list of the magical benefits of Malunggay.



  • Malunggay is loaded with almost all kinds of antioxidants that help fight off free radicals.


  • It has a positive effect on a person's blood sugar levels. Contains Isothiocyanates or a compound that reduces blood sugar levels.



  • Because it is high in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, it can help strengthen the body's immune system which can help fight infection like common cold and flu.


  • This amazing leaf has heart-healthy benefits that have the power to prevent plaque formation in the arteries and can reduce cholesterol levels.




5.) Interestingly, moringa supports brain health and cognitive function that may help treat Alzheimer’s disease. It improves brain function and sharpens our memory.


6.) It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help your body better protect itself against illness or injury. It helps fight arthritis and obesity. It has the ability to lower inflammation in the cells.


7.) It helps combat malnutrition since it is full of essential nutrients and vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, magnesium, and protein that your growing children need.


8.)  It contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help fight infections like urinary tract infection and digestive problems.


9.) This magical leaves can protect your liver and restore liver enzymes to normal levels and reduces liver damage reducing oxidative stress.


10.) It is widely known to increase a mother's milk supply. So, mothers and mothers to be, it is best to add Malunggay in your diet.


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