With thousands of Coffee shops rising around the globe, people have been extremely creative in experimenting with coffee and how to make it taste better and interesting. You can create your signature drink in any way you want and possibly could. 


Coffee has a lot of origins and even unknown. But it was popularly discovered by a graduating student at Cornell. Do you know that cold-brew was originally called as "Toddy Coffee"? It was discovered by a Chemical Engineer named Todd Simpson. 


In every season, coffee never got out. People nowadays enjoy cold coffee since it is easier to make and it can replace some artificially sugared drinks that are not too good for our health. There are pieces of equipment that can be bought anywhere for making coffee tastier. I love making homemade iced-coffee myself or now popularly known as a cold brew. It is fun and simple to make yet it can bring so much happiness especially to coffee lovers. Another unique taste and is said to be less addictive. 



It is Served Cold

Cold Brew, of course, is served cold with ice cubes. It is different from your regular iced-coffee. Cold Brew is made by soaking ground coffee beans in room temperature for about 6-12 hours. Then strain and remove the coffee concentrate and add milk, water, and sugar depending on your taste and serve it in a glass with ice cubes. It is super convenient and delicious. You can make it anytime at home.


It Has Less Caffeine

We know that beans differ from each kind even if they are farmed in the same valley, they can have different caffeine. Coffee drinks can have a wide range. Cold-brew coffee usually has less caffeine than regular coffee drinks. It is said that more caffeine is plucked from coffee beans with hot water rather than with cold water. 


It Has a Natural Sweet Taste and Less Acidic

Do you know that Cold Bree Coffee is 60-70 percent less acidic than your regular hot brew coffee? It is naturally sweeter because it has a full body flavor. The flavors naturally come out. Some people just add milk and serve it without sugar. So people with acid sensitivity can enjoy coffee.


It Can Be Used in Many Ways 

Cold-brew coffee can be stored in your fridge for up to two weeks. Aside from drinking, you can even make popsicles out of it. You can make coffee ice cream, coffee ice cubes, and even use it as one of your baking ingredients. You can even heat it depending on your mood and serve it hot.



Cold Brew Coffee is increasing its popularity all over the world. It is best when it is freshly toasted. It is loved by people who have a sensitive stomach since it is less acidic but has the same perfect taste of the coffee. It is naturally sweet and easier to make any time at home. It is one of the best coffee drink that is gaining popularity. For more food tips, click this link CLICK HERE