Soap Dispenser Tube Extension Kit

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The wait is over, we've listened to your feedback and we've come up with this Patent Pending Product will make your life a LOT more easier!

Fully compatible with all of Kimi Cuisine Sink Soap Dispensers and may be compatible with most brands too depending on their model and size.

😍 You won't have to refill as often anymore!  You are no longer limited by the size of the Soap Dispenser bottle and you can connect this Tube Extension Kit to most soap containers out there in the market.   

Buy soap in bulk in 1, 2, 4 gallons and you won't have to worry about refilling for months!  If you don't want to refill you can simply change the soap container.

✅ SUPER EASY INSTALLATION - Anyone can do it, just follow our step by step guide and you'll be set in not time.  

✅ 4 FEET LONG TUBE - Longer than most on the market to make sure you have enough to play with, the is thicker and has a 7mm inner diameter size fitting most sink soap dispensers.

✅ GUARANTEED TO DISPENSER,  comes with a 5/8'' 1-way checkvalve, larger than most found on the market so it won't put too much strain on your soap dispenser and ensure that it will dispense on every push.

✅ UNIVERSAL CAPS, comes with 2 multi-sized caps fitting most soap container bottle opening from 16mm to 52mm.  Tested on dozens of sizes found in retail stores.