I'm very happy with this dispenser. I was tired of the one from HD always corroding after a while. Metal parts sound good until they start corroding. I was looking for a plastic shaft with a plastic nut so that it can't corrode.


This soap pump was installed in a granite countertop in our laundry room. A plumber installed it, so I can rate the ease of installation. But I love the pump. It's so much better than having a soap bottle on the counter that takes up space. It is worth it's value! And it's sleek and pretty :)


For years I struggled with the Grohe soap pump that matched the faucet, which was replaced 3 times. Never once did that Grohe maintain enough force to have soap come out every time. This one does, and I love it. Wasted way too much time with my old one. I’d give this a 10/10.


Our kitchen soap dispenser are made with exterior commercial grade 304 stainless steel and interior durable PE plastic. Perfect for as faucet hole cover.

Soap Dispenser Kitchen Pump designed for as an in sink Soap Dispenser installation, it comes with EASY to follow step by step instructions

The shiny multi-layered Brushed Nickel finish on the soap dispenser pump makes it resistant to corrosion and rust. Ideal dish soap dispenser for kitchen sink replacement.

Are you Looking for a Premium and Long Lasting Soap Dispenser?

Using the finest quality components, each one of soap pumps are made to last and it’s a great addition to your Kitchen accessories or bathroom accessories.