Food Tips -


There are no right or wrong techniques in the kitchen, especially when preparing food. You should do what works for you. There are just tips that are helpful and can make our kitchen time easier. I have gathered some new cooking tips for you.



1.) Don’t be Scared to sharpen your Knives

Dull knives are proven to be more prone to slips that can lead to cutting your fingers accidentally.


2.) Using the Right Pans

Sometimes it’s better to follow recipes step by step and using the right tools it says for the best result of tour dish. Follow whatever pan is needed in a certain dish.


3.) Avoid Crowding the Pan

 When you are overcrowding the pan, you are reducing the heat and more moisture is released while cooking, leaving some parts not well cooked since it delays the browning.


4.) Read The Whole Recipe Before Cooking

If you are following a recipe, it is best to read the whole thing before cooking so you can understand the process and be able to prepare all the cooking tools needed. It will also save time.


5.) Cook Pasta in Just 60 seconds

Pre-soak your pasta overnight in a sealed bag with water. And cook it in boiling water in just 60 seconds!


6.) Slice Cherry Tomatoes All at Once

Get two plastic lids. Hold the Cherry tomatoes between them and slice all at once.


7.) Slicing Meat Easier

Freeze meat first before slicing for a perfect cut.


8.) Use a Warm Knife in Slicing Sticky Desserts

Pour hot water to the knife then wipe it dry. While the knife is still warm, slice sticky desserts like cheesecakes for a clean and smooth cut.


9.) Always Keep a Trashcan within Arm’s Reach

Practice “claygo” or clean as you go and you will surely save a lot of time in prepping your meals. Any trash like peels, when left somewhere for a long time, can grow bacteria in them and an awful smell.


10.) Prevent Butter from Over Browning

Squeeze a little bit of lemon Juice to your pan when using butter to avoid over-browning.


11.) You Can Replace Shallots

Combine Garlic and Onion incase shallots are not available. It will give you the same perfect taste.


12.) Removing Garlic’s Odor from Your Fingers

Rub your fingers on stainless steel like your sink to get rid of the garlic’s smell.


13.) Ignore Cooking Times

You can ignore the time while cooking by using your senses. Taste it, feel it, and smell it. Then decide if it’s done. Trust yourself.


14.) Always Taste your Food Before Seasoning

This is a common mistake happening in the kitchen. You need to taste your food first before seasoning. So you will know if you still need to add more seasoning or not.


15.) Prevent Garlic from Burning

Slice garlic instead of mincing them to avoid it from burning.


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