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There are no right or wrong techniques in the kitchen, especially when preparing food. You should do what works for you. There are just tips that are helpful and can make our kitchen time easier. I have gathered some new cooking tips for you.     1.) Don’t be Scared to sharpen your Knives Dull knives are proven to be more prone to slips that can lead to cutting your fingers accidentally.   2.) Using the Right Pans Sometimes it’s better to follow recipes step by step and using the right tools it says for the best result of tour...

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Kitchen tasks shouldn't be time-consuming. I have put together your favorite foods that will make your food preparation easy and will solve some of the little kitchen problems. Continue reading to know these amazing and interesting tips and tricks.     1.) BROWN SUGAR   Did you know that you can prevent brown sugar from hardening by putting an orange peel along with the sugar in an airtight container? The peel stores moisture that will emanate throughout the container and freshen up the sugar. Say goodbye to stoned table sugar!   2.) MEAT   The fastest way to defrost meat...

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After world war II, food shortage continued to plague Japan for years. Momofuku Ando, the creator of Instant Ramen, went back to his hometown Osaka and saw the damage brought by the war. The bombings had destroyed the factory and two office buildings he owned. Seeing the horrible wrecked place made him think of ideas to help his fellow men. He saw people lined up outside a ramen stall waiting for something to eat. That's the time he realized how ramen turned out to be comfort food. One time while his wife was preparing dinner, he put some noodles into...

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