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Cooking is fun and exciting. But there are dangerous tools or equipment around the kitchen that are extremely dangerous especially if you have kids running around the house. Can you imagine returning to your toddler and seeing him/her holding a butcher knife? As a mother, it would be a nightmare inching slowly towards your son/daughter to take the knife from him/her. Accidents and sometimes death happens in the kitchen every year just because we forget what to do. That's why planning, organizing and observing basic safety rules in the kitchen should be a priority. There are things in the kitchen that we should pay attention to and organize well to avoid accidents. Like sharp knives and other sharp tools used in cooking, electrical appliances, and even the gas we use when we cook or open fire by the oven.  Here are some safety tips for you and your family to keep in mind.


1.) First of all, as a parent, we should always supervise our kids in the kitchen. Never leave them alone. Children are curious humans. They are adventurous. They do what they want and touch what they want. Keep in mind that we have hot liquids in the kitchen, electrical appliances and sharp knives that are dangerous. So, organizing is the top rule. Make sure to keep away all sharp objects away from a child's reach. Keep it in a drawer. You can put a lock if you want. This is to avoid any injury. Don't put hot liquids or glass kitchenware on the edge of any surface. It can be easily moved and broken. Turn pot handles away from the front of the stove so children can't grab them and adults can't bump into it. Remember that there are also things that are safe to do with your kids like measuring ingredients, washing fruits and vegetables, setting up the dining table, and stirring ingredients in a bowl. With your supervision of course.


2.) Make sure to turn the oven or stove off and unplug all cooking appliances before leaving the kitchen and never leave an oven or stove on or with the door open for room heat. If your hands are wet, stay away from electrical sockets. To avoid shocks, keep away all electrical appliances from the water. And remember if you smell gas when you shouldn’t make sure all the fire are turned off, open your windows for ventilation, and call your gas company. Get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen in case of fire that is out of your hands. And make sure how to use it. Also, keep matches and lighters in high places where curious little hands can’t reach them.


Here is a quick tip for BURN FIRST AID:

* If on fire, STOP, DROP and ROLL. Take off all burned clothing.

* Hold the burned area under cool running water but do not use ICE or petroleum jelly.

* Cover the burn area with a clean cloth and seek medical attention immediately.


3.) Keep the floor dry so that no one slips and falls. If you see spills, wipe it immediately with a dry cloth because some spills can catch fire. Be certain that walking areas are always clear of toys and other items. Keep the kitchen floor clear or toys and other items.


4.) Store cleaning supplies and all chemicals in a safe place with a lock. Also, put a childproof lock on the cabinets with your medicines.


5.) Roll up your sleeves and wear an apron if you don’t want to change clothes. Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing while cooking. That means loose sleeves and sweaters. Wearing loose clothing is the easiest way to set yourself ablaze in the kitchen.


6.) And lastly, to avoid the spread of bacteria that can cause disease, wash your hands with soap and water as often also avoid cross-contamination.


And an important safety tip is to make sure you clean all the surfaces where you cut, slice, or prepare your food and other kitchen stuff before using them like your knives and chopping boards should be washed and cleaned with hot water too. It is best to have an installed good quality sink soap dispenser. It makes washing easier. It gives you the right amount of soap every pump. Here is an example of a good sink soap dispenser. 


Kitchen Quick Tips


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