Nothing beats a healthy home-cooked meal after tiring hours of work, school, or even after work out. It is always good to have a fresh and ready lunch with you. Not only it will save time but it allows you to avoid fast food and other unhealthy food choices. And food storage is a must-have to keep your meals fresh and at a place.


There are different choices of lunch bags over the years from old fashioned paper sacks to a modern insulated waxed canvas lunch bags. People over the years prefer an insulated lunch bag because of its advantages and answers to a lot of "transporting food" issues.


What is an Insulated lunch bag?

 Insulating Bag

The insulated lunch bag is a carry on food storage or a bag that is consists of different layers. All layers all work together to guarantee that the meals inside remain hot or cold.  It has layers of air that's trapped between the inner and outer layers of the so the heat won't be or will have a harder time moving into or out of the bag. It is mostly used by people on the go because of its convenience. Let me provide you with other benefits of an insulated lunch bag.


Benefits of Insulated Lunch Bags


1.) It is very convenient. Most insulated lunch bags are portable in size that you can bring anywhere with you with handles or straps for people on the go. Because of its layers of insulation, it will keep protect your food and keep it in place.


2.) Maintaining the temperature of food is the most common problem.  You might hear people worry about their packed meals that might get cold and hard when the time comes they are going to consume it. Not all offices and schools have access to a microwave or a refrigerator. Having an insulated lunch bag can save you. It will keep your food hot or cold and fresh all day.


3.) It is eco-friendly. These lunch bags are reusable. No need to buy plastic wraps, paper bags, and all other containers constantly for you can always use it daily. Other good quality insulated lunch bags can even last a long time. Check this insulated waxed canvass lunch bag with classic colors to choose from.

 Insulating Bag



And of course, anything that is well maintained can last for years. I will share with you simple yet effective tips on how to clean your insulated lunch bags at home.


You can clean it QUICKLY every day if you use it daily. All you need is a gentle antibacterial wipe to remove the dirt inside the lunch bag like spilled food. Then wipe it with a dry cloth after.


In the case of Food Stains, there's a natural way to clean it. Make a baking soda paste by mixing baking soda with water, put it in the portion where stains are visible and allow it to sit until stubborn stains disappear and wipe with a tea towel. Baking Soda will not only remove stains but it will also eliminate the unwanted smell of the lunch bag. Just Sprinkle baking soda into the lunch bag and let it sit overnight.


If you want to wash the whole lunch bag, you will be needing a dish detergent and a sponge or cloth. Here are the steps to do it.


1.) Fill your sink with warm water.

2.) Put a teaspoon of dish detergent and mix it with water.

3.) Put your lunch bag into the water. Make sure every corner is wet.

4.) Using a sponge or a gentle cloth, gently wipe every corner of the lunch bag. In the case of food crumbs, you can use a toothbrush to clean the parts that can’t be reached.

5.) Check zippers for excess dirt. You can use a toothbrush to remove it.

6.) Now is the time to thoroughly rinse your lunch bag with clean water.

7.) Dry it using a tea towel. Don't scratch, just pat dry.

8.) Hang it overnight on a clothesline to dry.


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