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If you run out of ideas of what to give as a present to your loved ones, you will never go wrong with mugs. Mugs are not just for drinking your morning coffee or tea, but you can use it in so many ways like home decor. Research says that the color and design of a mug can influence the taste of the drink. Positive and funny sayings written on mugs gives positive energy to the ones drinking it. I have chosen different mugs with designs that will surely brighten up one's day. These are cute gift ideas for your loved ones.


If you are looking for a present for your mom, these mugs with a funny and motivational saying will surely make her smile. Will make her love sipping her favorite coffee or tea more.


* Mom is always right! If mom is wrong, make it right! GET HERE

Mom is always right mug


*This lady sipping the mug is an awesome mom! GET HERE

This lady sipping mug is an awesome mom


These mugs are perfect for your friends, sisters, cousins, or anyone who loves unicorns and rainbows. Every sip will definitely be magical. This can be a great addition as home decor too.


*I'm extremely fabulous! I piss glitter and shit rainbows! GET HERE

*This is going to make me poop rainbows. GET HERE


*I'm a caticorn 50% Cat - 50% Unicorn 100% Magical GET HERE


For your teachers, these can be an awesome gift they will surely love. It will make them feel more appreciated.


*Coolest teach in the universe! GET HERE


* Science is Magic! Never stop questioning! GET HERE


And for anyone you love these mugs with inspiring sayings will surely give positive energy for them to start their day.


 *You're Awesome! Some people can't handle it! GET HERE

*Let it go and unleash your inner awesomeness! GET HERE

These mugs will surely make their day. Nothing beats sipping your coffee or tea in a mug that made you smile! For more mug design GET HERE