With our busy lives, sometimes it's challenging to prepare and set a mouth-watering feast on the table. With our busy schedule, it might be impossible and time-consuming to make satisfying meals. Grab-and-go meals are just the perfect idea after a long tiring day at the office, all those fun activities at school, and even after a workout. It is best to just sit down and grab your lunch bag and dig in. Of course, there will always be time for festive meals and munching it together on the table with your loved ones, but on busy days, here are some great and quick delicious meals with you can make in just minutes even kids will love.


1.) Overnight Peanut Butter and Blueberry Oatmeal


Oatmeal is not just healthy but it is super fun and easy to make. Plus, you can mix all your favorite fruits in it. Try this peanut butter and blueberry oatmeal. All you need is mix oatmeal, milk, peanut butter, and sprinkle some blueberries and leave it on the fridge overnight. The next day, having a ready breakfast will save you a lot of time.


2.) Scrambled Egg with Ham and Cheese on Top of Rice


Who says scrambled eggs are so plain? Slice some ham and fry. When cooked, crack 2 eggs in a bowl and pour it in your ham and sprinkle your favorite cheese. On your lunch box, put some rice and place your scrambled egg on top. This is a perfect lunch you can bring anywhere.


3.) A Simple Salad with Chicken


This is what I usually crave for dinner. Just cut some lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber. Mix it and place it in your lunch box. You can use some leftover chicken from your previous meals, slice chicken and place it on top of your salad. Then moisten it with your favorite salad dressing. Super easy to make.


4.) Cheesy Tuna Pesto


Who would have thought that this mouthwatering dish can be super easy to make? Boil your pasta and when cooked, set aside. In a pre-heated pan, put a little olive oil, put your minced garlic, and when it is golden, add some canned tuna. Stir for about 2-3 minutes then add pesto sauce. Stir for another 3 minutes then add your pasta. Mix and place it in your favorite on-the-go lunch container and sprinkle cheese on top.


5.) Egg with Veggies Sandwich


We all know that a sandwich is really fun and easy to make. Plus, it can be very convenient especially for people on the go. Here's a simple yet loaded with protein and some good stuff sandwich. Fry one sunny side up egg. Prepare 2 wheat bread, put a slice of cheese then toast. Then you need 2 slices of tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce. On one side of your bread with cheese, place the egg, tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce on top and cover it with the other bread. You can also add a little mayo. (optional)


And those are some easy and healthy meals you can make in just minutes.

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