Home remedies can heal and can boost health as well. It has become increasingly popular because of its convenience and effectiveness for some. have become increasingly popular. Today's modern world, natural remedies are catching a lot of attention because of a lot of things. First, it is natural, no chemicals, safe, and it is inexpensive. It can also be used efficiently to treat ailments with the right and regular use.


Sometimes it's good to cure minor ailments at home of a family member rather than going to a doctor's clinic. I can still remember when I was a kid I accidentally fell off the bike and my grandma would treat my booboo with stuff that can be found in the kitchen.  Surprisingly, these items that I will be listing below are stuff that can be found in our kitchen that we use almost every day.




Instead of Ice if not available, these items can be used as first aid. You want to soothe the pain and avoid skin damage. The following can be used as first aid to treat minor burns.

1.) Vanilla - It will cool the burn and alleviate the pain.

2.) Aloe Vera - It will stop the pain, inflammation, and stimulate skin growth and repair.

3.) Tea bags - Cool and Wet Black Tea Bags can lessen the pain.



Itching and burning throat is not fun at all. You can find relief immediately at home.

1.) Salt and Water - Gargling water with salt can always help a scratchy throat.

2.) Honey - Adding honey to your warm tea can help soothe your irritated throat.



Most burps are no big deal. You should know that it is a build-up of air in your stomach. These items in your kitchen can help.


1.) Ginger - Eating a bit of fresh ginger can help relieve belching. You can also add it to your warm tea.

2.) Celery Seeds - Chew a pinch of it. It helps expel gas from the intestinal tract.



Always keep in mind that these remedies are for minor ones. Once fever rises, it is best to consult a doctor. If you have a low fever, it's nice to stay cool and comfortable. The following can bring down a fever naturally.

1.) Cayenne Pepper - Sprinkle Cayenne Powder in your food and it will help you sweat and promotes rapid blood circulation.

2.) Yarrow tea - It opens your pores and triggers the sweating.



Minor open wounds may not require medical treatment. You can treat it at home with natural remedies. Remember, for signs of infections like fever, swollen and warm skin near the wound, or worsening pain, consult your doctor.

1.) Garlic - It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

2.) Coconut oil- May promote wound healing.

3.) Turmeric paste - Helps wound heal faster because of its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.


It's best to have these items available at home as first aid. Though it's always best to consult a doctor when we have serious conditions, it won't hurt to reach for one of these in our kitchen when we have minor ailments. For more Kitchen tips, Homemade recipes, and Food Health Benefits click this link. CLICK HERE