Most of us don't have much time cleaning our kitchen. And sad to say, sometimes it's the last area in our house that we clean which is supposed to be the priority or the one who needs attention. We all want to get our household chores done as quickly as possible. Especially when you have guests coming in an hour and the kitchen is quite a mess.  Who doesn't love to relax and cook in a clean kitchen right? Well, in fact, it will not take you hours to clean your kitchen. All you need to do is to follow these steps. Also, in cleaning or wiping there is a number one rule, which is the strokes from top to bottom and front to back. This saves time since you don't have to go back to a certain area plus, all dust or dirt goes down. It will be easier for you to sweep it all at once.



Step 1

Gather the needed cleaning tools for your kitchen. It will definitely save time instead of roaming around looking for a tool you need every step.


Step 2

Load the dishwasher. If you wash dishes by hand, soak everything in warm water with soap so, by the time you need to wash or scrub it, grease and other leftover food stuck to the dishes will be easy to remove. Leave and just get back to it.


Step 3

While dishes are soaking, collect all trash from all areas of the kitchen including cupboards, floor, and sides of the sink and even unwanted stuff from the refrigerator. Not only it will keep your fridge fresh, but it will avoid the fridge from having an awful smell from rotten fruits and vegetables or even from spoiled food.


Step 4

Check all things in the kitchen if there is the stuff that is not in their proper places such as your cooking tools, foods, and spices that you are done using. Put them back to where they belong and organize. Remove or set aside the things that are not in the kitchen, put them in one place or in a basket so it will be easier for you to put them back too.


Step 5

Go back to your dishes. Load the dishwasher if you have one. If none, now is the time to get it done by hands. Scrape the plate of food off into the trash to avoid blocked drainage. Then use dishwashing soap and sponge, clean the plate and rinse. One thing that will make your cleaning time faster, is by using liquid soap and a sink soap dispenser. This will save a lot of time since you just need to pump and soap comes out without having any trouble. After rinsing and drying them out, put them back to their places. Here is an example of a sink soap dispenser.


Step 6

Quickly wipe the appliances and sink. If you are in a hurry just wipe the visible surfaces. You don't need to open every appliance like a microwave and wipe all the crumbs. Save it for later.


Step 7

Vacuum the floor. If the vacuum is not available, sweep, and mop.


Step 8

Clear the garbage. Take it out for a fresh kitchen.



Then you're done! A clean and fresh kitchen. It's easy and it wouldn't take an hour to do this. Have fun cleaning your kitchen! Remember it is the place where we prepare our food. Keep it as clean as possible.


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