Kitchen Quick Tips -



Refrigerating food the proper way is important to maintain the freshness of food and for the bacteria to stop spreading. Our fridge isn't just a closet for your food, it's a place where we keep our food in good condition including leftovers to make the freshness longer and to avoid contamination. Do you know that our refrigerator has different compartments with different temperatures? This means storing your food in the wrong place will lead to a loss of food and of course, money. That will make us eat outside in fast food or restaurants. Home cooked food will always be the best. But what goes where? Here are some things you need to know.


You need to separate your fruits from vegetables since they produce different gases that will cause them to deteriorate easily.  DO NOT wash your fruits and veggies before storing it in the refrigerator since the dampness can cause molds and produce will rot quickly. Then store it in unsealed bags to allow air to circulate while maintaining the moisture.

All fresh stuff like fish, meat, and chicken should be kept in its store wrapping. Re-wrapping can help avoid harmful bacteria. Then put a plate underneath to catch drippings. Next is your dairy. Just leave your milk, yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products in the containers they came in. DO NOT refrigerate leftover sauces or other foods in cans. It will leave you with a metallic taste. Store all leftovers in airtight, leak proof clear containers or wraps. DO NOT stuff your fridge too full to keep the right temperature.


Let's start with the upper and lower shelves.

Place all your herbs, left-overs, ready-to-eat food and drinks here. This place has the most consistent temperature. To avoid bacteria and contamination, put all your dairy, raw meat, eggs, and seafood on the lower shelves because it has the coldest temperature.

In your freezer, of course, you store your ice, frozen fruits, stock, and other food. Pack foods tightly in their containers to be organized and never use glass for storing for this can break.

The crisper drawer will help preserve your fruits and veggies.

The warmest part of the fridge is the door. Put foods or drinks here that are most resistant to spoiling.

And an important tip is to never leave your refrigerator open for a long time to maintain the temperature.





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