Soap has developed from bars to from a lot of options like liquid form and foam. Foam Soap has been brilliantly increasing in popularity around the globe especially in the United States. Foam Soap is from a diluted sort of liquid soap that is soaked with air to produce frothy bubbles. There are thousands of foaming hand soap dispensers that are usually pump-style and can be bought anywhere both online and at shopping malls. Some are built to be refilled and some not. Some have cute and fancy designs that can not only be used as it is but can enhance any home decor.


Foam Soap Is Eco-Friendly


There are a lot of advantages when you use foam soap. The first thing you need to know is that foam soap is environmentally friendly. Since it is a diluted form of liquid soap that only means, shorter soap is applied every handwashing. Which can also result in a clog less drain. You are saving water when using foam soap. Less water is used to lather and wash their hands than those who practiced regular liquid hand soap. Also, with other people, foaming hand soap is used to wash without soaking the hands and will only need water to rinse afterward. And the best thing is that these foam soaps don't need harsh chemicals to create the foam. High-pressure air makes actual lathering. Because of its effectiveness and sustainability, a lot of people are switching to foam soap especially in hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, clinics, public restrooms, and even at home.


If you make your very own homemade liquid hand soap, you can save money and fewer trips to the mall. Mixing your signature foam soap is very easy. All you need to do is a foaming hand soap dispenser, water, and your favorite scent of liquid hand soap. The great thing about making your foam soap is that you can decide what ingredients to join. If you are allergic to scents, you can go for unscented ones. Go for natural ingredients if you like. You can even add drops of your Essential Oils. Here is how to do it.


1.) Take your favorite regular liquid hand soap. You can even combine 2-3 different liquid hand soaps if you want to achieve a certain scent.

2.) Slowly mix 1 part of your chosen or combined liquid hand soap with 3 parts of water in your foaming soap dispenser.

3.) The last step is to blend it gently by turning the foam soap dispenser until consolidated.


Making your foaming hand soap at home is effortless. You can save mother earth and you can save a lot of money too. It is affordable and fun to use. You may encourage the whole family to practice proper hygiene more especially the kids. This is an example of good quality foaming soap dispensers that are built to last. There are different classy and vintage colors to choose from that will surely beautify your home.