Don't you just love traveling? We all love discovering new things. Traveling allows us to meet new friends, make new stories, and it can even improve our health. It gives us the perfect chance to explore different unique cultures, spend time with the locals, discover awesome views and jaw-dropping sceneries, and oh! Take beautiful pictures and collect memories. 


But the best of all parts of every travel is trying out different food. There is a connection between food and culture than you may think. The ingredients, processes of preparation, techniques, and standards of food eaten at different meals vary. Food is an essential part of the culture because it is an expression of cultural identity. A traditional dish is transferred down from one generation to the succeeding. People from different parts of the world have different food that they are used to. It is the best part of every travel because trying new flavors is always fun and exciting.


Here are more reasons why food is the best part of every travel. 


1.)  It takes people together


When you are in a different country we usually search for cool or local restaurants and bring people we love that have the same love for food as we do. Bonding over food and experiencing different tastes is always the best idea. You may even meet a new friend, or sit with a stranger and start a conversation with a good cup of their local coffee or over food.


2.) Learning new dishes that you can take with you and try making at home


Bringing the knowledge at home you gathered while traveling and taking advantage of collecting ideas from your experiences is also the best part. You get to share your wisdom with people who didn't possess the chance to travel with you. And them experiencing the taste of food from other countries from the dishes you prepared is like feeling the culture too.


3.) A chance to open your eyes to food that you have never tried before


Some people are scared to try new food right?  Especially local foods. They are nervous. There might be food that you will never like and food that will tell you "you need to go back to this country". We all have different opinions about food but you will never experience it unless you try. And mostly are adventurous! Trying new taste excites them and will allow you to have your "first times".


They say that a kitchen is a place where even you travel and explore different countries, you will not leave home. Traveling and discovering new dishes can even be therapeutic to some people and gives them a stress-free time. A chance to leave all the work and problems behind and the best time for ourselves. We can never buy memories.


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