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Our sinks are one of the areas in our home that are prone to stains. It is the place where we do almost everything every day. A place where stains are usually present but sometimes taken for granted. The materials used in making our sink is usually great but they can stain easily if not cleaned as soon as spills happen especially white sinks. It complements a kitchen perfectly but it's more liable to visible stains. Even stainless steel can stain from time to time. Stains can happen anywhere at any time. Sometimes using a spray cleaner and not rinsing or wiping it thoroughly can also cause unwanted stains. 


We all know that keeping your kitchen sink clean is very important and it should always be number one on our list. It is where we prepare our food for our family and wash almost all our stuff. No matter how good you are in cleaning the sink and the drain, there would always be stains that we can’t avoid. There are a lot of popular products out there that can help remove the stain. But nothing beats removing stains using chemical-free ingredients, right? There are different types of materials for kitchen sinks. And the ingredients in making stain removers will vary. Removing stains doesn’t need to be difficult. I will be listing some tips below and steps to help you remove stains fast in a natural way. No matter how good you are in cleaning the sink and the drain, there would always be stains that we can’t avoid. 



Stains From A Porcelain Sink


1.) White Vinegar

Using a white vinegar can not only remove the stain but it can serve as a natural disinfectant. It will help get rid of dull-looking porcelain sinks. Fill an empty bottle spray with pure white vinegar, then spray it to the spots where stains are visible. Using a non-scratch scrub or sponge, gently scrub the area until the stain is gone. 


2.) Baking Soda

Baking Soda does not just remove stains but as a general cleaner. Simply pour a generous amount of baking soda to stained areas and by using a damp cloth, gently scrub the surface until stains are gone. Then rinse with water.


Stains From Stainless Steel


1.) Steam Cleaning or Boiling Water

Put a paper towel or microfiber towel over the stained area then pour boiling water. Leave it for 10 minutes. Let it cool then rub the surface with the paper towel until stains are removed.


2.) Lemon or Orange Peel and Olive oil

By using lemon or orange peel, you can remove stains from a stainless steel sink and also giving it a fresh smell. Simply rub the peel to the stained parts of the sink then finish it by wiping gently with a paper towel with a little olive oil in it. It will make your kitchen sink look sparkly new. 


It is always easy to use products that can be found anywhere in your nearest stores. But using chemical-free products, you are helping the environment and you can protect yourself and your family from other risks caused by chemicals. For more kitchen tips, cooking tips, and homemade recipes, click this link. CLICK HERE