It is best to check your diet all the time. Choosing nutritious and real food should always be number one on the list. Not only it will help us if we are trying to lose weight, but for better health. But as we all know, foods that are low in calories are boring, bland, and no wow factor. If your taste buds are getting it hard for you to eat healthily, I think it’s time to make your boring food interesting and add a little twist that will let you enjoy your food and can put a delicious turn on any boring dish.

Today where everything is possible, you might not know you are eating a vegan burger or vegan pizza that might taste better than the original ones. As you see, there are a lot of healthy restaurants growing around the world turning different kinds of boring dishes extraordinary and tastier. Sometimes all you need to do is add a little twist with on your ingredients and make it look attractive by good plating and attractive packaging. Kids especially love colorful and good looking food. A simple trick can do magic. Give them a plain bread and they will not touch it. But shape it into various sizes like flowers and animals and they will love it. They will definitely love everything else. Let me provide you with 3 simple yet effective tips plus recipes on how to make boring food interesting.



1.) You Can Turn Your Broccoli and Cauliflower Into a Tasty Steak

Broccoli and cauliflower are one of those vegetables that kids and even adults sometimes hate. Because it is tasteless and not that interesting. All you need to do is cook minced garlic in olive oil until its golden then slice your broccoli or cauliflower into bite sizes, put it in the pan and season with salt and pepper, add a teaspoon of olive oil and sprinkle with your favorite oyster sauce or steak sauce then stir until it is golden brown. Stir gently for about 2-3 minutes and it is ready to serve.



2.) Make a Delicious Omelet Zucchini or Fried Zucchini

Zucchini is a highly nutritious vegetable that most people stay away from because of its bland taste and limited ways to cook. You can actually slice it into thin sizes and fry or bake it. Cook it in olive oil until it's crispy and let it cool down with a tissue paper or cloth underneath to remove excess oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. A second way is to make an omelet zucchini. Just whisk at least 2-3 eggs with salt and pepper, add herbs if you like and pour into a frying pan. Then add thinly sliced zucchini in such a way that it descends into the scrambled eggs and just fry it like an omelet.



3.) Experiment with Your Pancake

Pancakes are most common in children prepared during breakfast. It can be boring sometimes because it can be served all the time with the same taste and mostly are ready to cook. So grab whatever pancake mix you have, mix in a bowl as what is said on the instructions, then add a twist by adding your favorite chunks of fruits in it, add flax seeds and chia seeds that later on will not be as visible as it is when not cooked, and you can sprinkle some chocolate chips. Cook, and add chocolate syrup on top or honey. If you want it as a dessert, you can add a scoop of your favorite ice cream on top. Be creative and explore!


It is always nice to experiment with food and eat it together with your family. You will be able to serve and choose healthier foods and will let you avoid eating outside. This will help you save time, money, and leftovers can be used. It will help give you and your family a stronger bond by preparing and cooking together. For more homemade recipes, kitchen and cooking tips, please check this link. CLICK HERE