Why is food presentation important? And how can we improve our skills in Food Plating.

Food Plating is necessary for the accomplishment of any dish. The visual appeal of the food you serve is exactly as important as the taste. It’s more than just eating but it’s a beautiful way of expressing yourself.

 Why is food presentation important? And how can we improve our skills in Food Plating.

Chefs believe that for people to crave or drool and wanting to eat a certain dish, it has to look presentable. Visually appealing dishes make our mouth water and send a signal that we are hungry. Studies show and proved that even if you serve two dishes with the same ingredients, people will focus on the most beautiful plate presented thinking it is more delicious. Here are more reasons why food presentation is important.


1.) It enhances the dining experience.

2.) It can help with the growth of your food business and profit.

3.) It can increase appetite.

4.) It improves creativity.

5.) It can upgrade foods.

6.) It leads to a good reputation.

7.) It makes food taste and feels better. Do you know that before we even taste our favorite meal, our eyes have made the judgment already?


You can even show the origin or the culture of a certain dish by how it was styled. There are even professional food stylist and food photographers today whose passion for food is great and studied further about this field. I have gathered some tips to improve your plate presentation skill.

 Why is food presentation important? And how can we improve our skills in Food Plating.

1.) Picking the Right Plate depending on the kind of dish you are presenting and do not serve big portions. Make sure that the food you serve or decorate will stand out.

2.) To add fun and good vibes to your presentation, you might want to play with colors. Colorful presentation attracts people and gives good energy.

3.) Always remember that less is more

4.) Position everything gently with care. 5.) You can use lemon zest, herbs, and spices if you want to decorate your plate. There are edible flowers too that creates a perfect appearance of your dish. 6.) Keep in mind that the first impression is important and for some chefs, they believe that it reflects their personality. A good plate presentation creates a big impact.

5.) Never underestimate your tables. Set the table properly and everything else will look good.

6.) Time is very important. Serve food as it is if it should be hot or cold. Do not stay too long in decorating. Inform your guests the time it would take in preparing.

7.) And lastly, experiment and have fun. Play with colors, textures, heights, and shapes. Widen your ideas and don't be scared.


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